Workshop Series On Strengthening Financial Capacities

In partnership with Zonta Club, PSOD organized a 3-part seminar-workshop series to help strengthen the financial capacities of the mothers of patients with rare disorders as well as the other interested members of the family.

Financial Capacities Seminar

Mothers of patients with rare diseases attending the 3-part workshop series

The goal of the workshop series is to help the mothers who mostly stay at home and are burdened with taking care of the sick child to become more financially independent as well as to help them be able to contribute to the financial needs of the family which includes financing for the medical needs of their child with rare disease.

The first seminar-workshop on Personal Financial Assessment and Planning, held on 17 March 2012, aimed to help the participants plan their expenditures and budget. The workshop underscored the need to plan and budget in spite of the families’ meager or very limited resources, provided the participants tips on how to save to be able to reach their set savings target amount over a specific period and taught them how to make financial plans.

The 2nd workshop, held on April 21, was on Savings and Investment Options aimed at making the participants think resource optimization. A menu of options was discussed to make their money grow and work for them. The workshop gave the participants insights on the wise use of resources.
The third part of the series will be on Entrepreneurship and Home-Based Business which will be held in June/July.

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  1. cindy m. dela cruz

    how to member?i have child with down syndrome and need financial support or milk supplement and medicine.she is 1yr and 3mos….

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